DBT Therapy

Individual Therapy

Individual DBT therapy sessions are tailored to your goals and help motivate you to help apply skills needed for specific events or challenges.

In these sessions, we balance acceptance and validation practices with action and change.

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Structured and supportive

Individual sessions are both structured and supportive, with an emphasis on building a positive, therapeutic relationship between the therapist and client.

Full DBT Program

Those who wish to use DBT therapy to build and practice skills will be a part of our Full DBT program, and will be taking weekly DBT skills classes concurrently with weekly individual therapy.

Please note that those in Full DBT are eligible for DBT Phone Coaching, or brief ‘between session’ calls with an individual DBT therapist focused on DBT skills use and practice.

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If you struggle with any of the following, DBT can help:

Feeling like your emotions overwhelm you
Frequent ups and downs in your relationship
Problems with your anger, especially in your romantic relationships
Feelings of hopelessness or depression
Addictive or compulsive behavior
Thoughts of ending your life
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